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Natural Active Ingredients

January 25, 2016

Natural Active Ingredients

The Blue Lagoon is known world wide for it's beautiful Lagoon and thousands of visitors come annually to bath in it's milky water. It is less known that for over 20 years the Blue Lagoon has operated an Research and Development center focusing on learning all there is to know about the healing benefits of the water.

The key ingredients in the geothermal sea water are; silica, algae and minerals. The algae is unique, there are two types found in the water, one has never been found any where else and the other in only one place - a volcano in Japan. The harsh surroundings in which the algae lives gives it unique abilities to survive and protect against natures forces, including damage for UV rays. This benefits have been honed to offer the same protection and rejuvenation in our skin care line.

Silica is well known for it's benefits for skin, hair and nails. The silica found in Blue Lagoon are no different. But as it's water based silica it's main effects are for the skin. It deep cleanse and based on years of research we know that it helps not only to cleanse but to rebuild the skins natural defenses. 

The mineral compound in the sea water offers vital ingredients for the skin cells to maintain their salt levels and gives a boost to the skins energy level giving it a healthy and radiant glow.

Every product offered is the brain child of our head of R&D Ása Brynjolfsdottir who has dedicated more than twenty years of her life to the research of the Lagoon water. It is with utmost care and respect that she has tried and tested each item and continues to do so in the belief that Blue Lagoon Skin Care products make a difference for thousands of people world wide.