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Home Treatment

  • 250 ml Silica Bath Oil - 200 ml Intensive Cream - 325 gr Bath Salt
    Tried and tested at the Blue Lagoon's psoriasis clinic. The bath salts deep-cleanse and exfoliate skin and prepare it for good moisture of the Mineral Intensive Cream and Silica Bath Oil.

    Fragrance free 
    Dermatologically tested 
    Paraben free 
    Color free
  • Step 1: Apply Silica Mud Mask on dry and sensitive areas (psoriasis, eczema) and massage. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, until dry.

    Step 2: Fill your tub with warm water (37-39°C) and add Blue Lagoon Mineral Bath Salts and Silica Bath Oil. Relax and soak in the warm bath for 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dry. Apply Mineral Intensive Cream on difficult areas and Mineral Moisturizing Cream on the rest of the body. Repeat the whole process at least three times a week. Apply the creams as often as needed between baths. In addition, use Silica Body Scrub or Lava Scrub once a week. Exfoliation helps renew the skin, making the absorption of other Blue Lagoon products easier.
  • This package includes the products you need for a full psoriasis home body treatment, based on the successful treatments of Blue Lagoon Clinic. Mineral Intensive Cream (200 ml), Silica Bath Oil (250 ml) and Mineral Bath Salts (2x 100g).

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